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Bark Nuggets

$199.00/Bag (1 Cubic Yard)
Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 — $199.00
2 - 4 5 % $189.05
5+ 10 % $179.10
Shipping: Free!
Size: 1 Yard Bag

A unique, premium product for the most discerning, meticulous homeowner. Highlight your gardens with the geometric shapes of real fir bark.

Additional Information

Our Bark Nuggets are custom screened, sifted and rolled, resulting in a rich, textured assortment of light and dark browns. Ranging in size from 1" to 4" our Bark Nuggets are a premium product that is sure to turn heads. Talk about Curb Appeal. Bark Nuggets will last the longest of any of the mulches we carry. For best weed suppression, we recommend laying down landscape fabric before spreading out the Bark Nuggets. All of our mulches are just that: mulch. No dyes, chemicals or pesticides. Just pure, organic groundcovering…Just Mulch.