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Why You Should Add Mulch in Fall

There are many advantages to adding mulch to your flower and garden beds in fall. Check out some of our favourite benefits for fall mulching.

Preserve Perennials

Fall is the perfect time to add a layer of mulch around your perennials. Mulch protects and insulates your plants from changing temperatures, preventing roots and stalks from getting stressed or frostbitten. Our organic mulches will also break down over time, providing valuable nutrients into the soil for happy and healthy plants.

Provide Insulation

Mulching helps to insulate plant roots by raising the freezing point of the soil and leveling out the temperature fluctuations that are most common in autumn. Cycles of freezing and thawing can wreak havoc on delicate root systems and a layer of mulch can reduce the impacts of these temperature swings, helping your plants remain strong and experience less stress.

Enrich Soil

All our products are organic and as the organic matter in mulch breaks down, it releases nutrients, minerals and nitrogen to enrich your soil throughout fall and winter. Healthier soil leads to healthier shoots and blooms in spring! Fall mulching also gives soil-improving earthworms and microbes added warmth and quality food for the winter.

Use as You Go

One of the biggest benefits to ordering your fall mulch in one yard bags from Just Mulch is being able to close up the bag and save for later! Your soil or mulch will be protected from the elements throughout winter so you can open up and use again in spring if you don’t finish the whole bag in fall.

Stop Soil Erosion

Our wintertime wind, rain and snow can cause soil erosion, leaving your plants exposed to the elements and losing valuable soil. Mulching prevents soil erosion by forming a barrier between the topsoil and the elements. Add a layer of mulch 2-4 inches deep to your garden and landscaped areas to prevent losing your soil at protect your plants, trees and shrubs throughout the changing seasons. Not sure how much mulch you need? Try our handy soil and mulch calculator to quickly determine how many bags to order!

Reduce Weeds

Add a layer of mulch in fall to enjoy less weeds in spring! Mulch not only nourishes the soil, it also helps to suppress weed growth by suffocating weeds and depriving them of needed sunlight.

Save Time and Money in Spring

Set yourself up for less work in spring! Fall mulching saves time and energy because it cuts down on weeds popping up in spring. It also saves you the effort of spreading new soil as the mulch will prevent soil erosion. You may also save money too as mulched perennials are more likely to survive winter, reducing your need to buy new blooms.

Order Your Fall Mulch Today

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