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Why Should You Add Mulch to Your Garden This Spring?

Adding a layer of mulch to your garden and landscaped areas has so many benefits! Check out some of our favourite reasons to use our high-quality, organic mulch!

Slows Weed Growth

While mulch won’t stop all weeds completely, it does slow weed growth and prevent many weeds that haven’t taken root from germinating and growing. We recommend adding landscape fabric before spreading mulch for added weed suppression.

Boost Nutrients

Mulch adds organic matter to your soil as it decomposes and makes your garden less susceptible to pests and plant disease. Mulch provides slow-release nutrients and prevents vitamin loss in plants which saves you money on fertilizer and ammenders.

Saves Water!

Mulch can retain up to 70% more water in the soil than unmulched soil! Adding a layer of mulch to the soil around shrubs and trees can help reduce moisture loss in the summer by preventing sunlight from reaching and heating the soil. This saves you both time and water!

Protects Your Plants

Since unmulched soil tends to be much warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer than bare soil, mulching can help protect roots from extreme temperatures. Mulch keeps roots consistently cool in summer and warm in winter which reduces the amount of plant stress and creates a stronger plant.

Prevents Soil Erosion & Compaction

Bare soil that is impacted by rain or sprinkler water can often disperse and break apart. Mulching around trees and shrubs will help prevent water runoff by creating a sponge-like surface that absorbs water and slows it down. It also reduces soil compaction and creates a favourable environment for worms and microorganisms which improves the health of your garden bed.

We carry a variety of mulches to suit your needs, everything from Composted Mulch, Fine Fir Mulch, Medium Mulch and even Certified Playground Chips, check out all our organic mulches and order yours online today!