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Why Order Your Landscape Supplies in One-Yard Bags?

Gardening Tips | July 12, 2022

Are you wondering why you should order soil or mulch in one yard bags from Just Mulch instead of a bulk delivery?

Here are our customers’ top 10 reasons!

1. It’s tidy! No messy pile on the driveway and no mess to clean up in the back of your vehicle.

2. Materials can be placed right where it’s needed, even craned into the backyard, saving you loads of work!

3. Use as you go! Close up the bag in between uses if you aren’t using it all at once.

4. You can order different products in the same delivery! Get a bag of soil and mulch at the same time.

5. The product stays dry! If it rains before you start, you’ll still have dry soil and not mud!

6. Saves wheelbarrowing! Especially into spots with limited access, stairs or slopes.

7. Easy delivery! Just mark the spot and there is no need to be home to meet the delivery.

8. Easy ordering! 24/7 online ordering with same-day confirmation or give us a call and we’re happy to help you with your questions and placing your order.

9. Complimentary bag pick up that can be scheduled online when you are done!

10. A tree is planted for every bag sold!

Got questions? Drop us a note or give us a call and we’d love to help! Or if you are ready to check out all our organic products, shop now!