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What is The Just Mulch Bag?

Gardening Tips | April 28, 2024

The Just Mulch bag is a durable landscape bag that holds 1 cubic yard of mulch, soil, sand, rock or gravel. It’s the best way to keep your yard looking neat and tidy, even before the work is done! No more wet or messy piles on your driveway! With it’s resealable top, it also makes your products easier to use by keeping it all dry and clear of leaves and debris. With our convenient crane delivery, it’s an easy way to get your materials closer to your project, saving you time and effort!

Why use The Just Mulch Bag?

  • No mess – Unlike a bulk delivery The Just Mulch Bag keeps your product clean and contained.
  • Less waste – unlike plastic bagged products, our bulk bags are reusable! Once you are finished with your bags, we’ll pick them back up!
  • Flexibility – With The Just Mulch Bag your products are neatly stored and ready to use as soon as YOU are ready.
  • Protection from the elements – The Just Mulch Bag is resealable, so there’s no need to worry about working with wet products.
  • Mix and match products – The Just Mulch Bag allows for different types of product to be delivered all on the same truck! You can even have your bags placed in different locations in your yard so all your projects are taken care of with one delivery.
  • Keep your vehicle clean – Getting a Just Mulch Bag delivery saves you time and mess from having to pick up your supplies, no more bags of soil in the backseat or a messy truck bed to clean up!

Get gardening the easy way, order your one yard bags today!