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Why is Soil Important?

Soil | June 6, 2019

Getting to know why soil is important can provide you with a better understanding of how beneficial healthy soil is to overall plant growth. At Just Mulch, our team of experts want to help you maintain the health of the soil in your garden. That is why we offer a range of mulch and soil products for all kinds of garden types.

Why is Soil so Important?

Since soil is the basis for food systems and the place where all plants for food production are grown, preserving soil is an important part of protecting our natural ecosystems. When healthy, soil can help mitigate climate change by increasing soil organic carbon.

Having healthy soil is an important part of food production because it works to provide essential nutrients, water, oxygen, and support to all kinds of plant roots. Healthy soil is made up of a diverse community of organisms that work to improve soil structure, recycle essential nutrients, and control weeds, plant pests, and diseases.

How to Maintain Healthy Soil

Maintaining the overall health of the soil in your garden can be as simple as doing the following:

1. Avoid Using Chemicals

In order to maintain the health of the soil in your garden, it is important to avoid using chemicals that can create an imbalance in the soil. While the long-term effects of certain chemicals can be used to kill off unwanted pests, chemicals can also end up destroying the living organisms that are essential for healthy soil.

2. Rotate Crops

One of the easiest ways to maintain a healthy balance of nutrients in soil is to rotate the crops in your garden every year. Since each type of crop will take certain nutrients from the soil that are not always easy to replace, simply rotating crops can help replenish nutrients in the soil that were taken away by other crops the previous year. Planting different crops each year can also help you maintain healthy soil.

3. Use Compost in the Garden

Consider using compost in your garden to help replace nutrients necessary for healthy soil, as well as for the benefit of the plants and living organisms in your garden. Compost can easily be made from leaves, dead plants, or vegetable waste from your kitchen.

If you would like to learn more about why soil is important, or if you are interested in our soil products, please contact the soil and mulch experts from Just Mulch today at 236-98-MULCH or by filling out a contact form on our website.