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New Season, New Products!

News | February 1, 2024

We are thrilled to introduce new products this year we know you’ll love! Tackle any landscaping project from start to finish with our complete line of soils, composts, mulches, tools and supplies, sand, rock and gravel!

Check out what new landscape supplies we’re delivering in one yard bags this year!


Garden Boost Compost

Want to see better growth?! Our OMRI certified organic compost is the perfect way to give your garden a boost! This natural soil amender adds organic matter, improves soil structure, slowly releases nutrients and boosts moisture retention in your soil! Made from recycled organics, add as a soil amender, top dressing and natural fertilizer to your existing soil for thriving plants! Improve your existing soil with our Garden Boost Compost today!


Crushed Clear 1/2″

1/2″ Crushed Clear is the perfect gravel choice for pathways or walkways, decorative ground cover or for driveways, parking areas and drainage applications.


Clear Crush 3/4″

Ideal for placing underneath slabs, prepping driveways, sidewalks, patios, sheds and landscaping. Clear Crush packs well but has no fines.


Red Lava Rock

Add colour and texture to your landscaping with our .5″-1″ Red Lava Rock. Use this stunning, porous stone for accenting your landscaping and garden areas.


Drain Rock

Add colour and texture to your landscaping with our 1.5″ – 2″ Drain Rock. Use this stunning stone for accent edging, water features and drainage projects. As a non packing round rock, this is a beautiful and functional choice for managing any excess water in your yard.


River Rock

Bring the look of the riverfront, right to your front yard! Create natural and beautiful landscaped areas and water features, full of texture and colour with our 2″-6″ River Rock.



A crush gravel with some color accents, our Granite can be used in walkways, driveways, drainage projects, patio bases and general landscaping and gardening as a decorative rock.


Crusher Chips

Sized down to 3/8″, our Crusher Chips, pack well for creating a solid base for a variety of landscaping uses. Some of our favourite ways to use these quality chips are under pavers, driveways, concrete work and roadways.


Pea Gravel

These small, smooth stones provide excellent drainage and can be used for a variety of gardening and landscaping projects. Order your convenient bags of Pea Gravel and build your walkways, playgrounds, water features and more!


Washed Sand

Transforming your yard this year? Whether you are adding stone walkways or pathways or a beach volleyball court, this washed (coarse) sand is the perfect base for your next project. Try our Washed Sand for building a solid base for slabs or stones, beach volleyball courts, and even golf course sand traps!


Fine River Sand

Reminiscent of warm days on the beach, our Fine Sand is the perfect choice for your sandboxes and creating the base for laying bricks and blocks or mixing cement.


Tools & Supplies

We now offer landscape fabric, rakes and shovels so you have everything you need for your next gardening and landscaping project! Add these on to your next bag delivery!


Ready to order?

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