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Container Gardening Tips

Uncategorised | April 10, 2022

Are you getting started with container gardening this year? Or have plans to add more pots and planters? At Just Mulch, we love container gardening! Whether you are just getting started with container gardening or adding more pots and planters this season, here are some of our best tips for successful container gardens.


Use Organic Garden Soil

Organic soil is composed of nutrient and mineral rich elements, so your plants will grow stronger cell wells, giving them added layers of protection from pests and disease. Check out our Organic Garden Soil for your pots and container gardens.

Drainage is Key

The recommended size for a drainage hole is 1/2 inch in diameter for small or ​medium-sized pots. For larger sized containers, look for containers with at least an inch in diameter. When there isn’t a big enough hole or not enough holes for the water to drain from your pot, your soil becomes too wet and can cause your roots to rot.

Add A Layer of Mulch

Adding a layer of mulch to any potted plant can be a simple and easy way to make plants look more aesthetically appealing and to help keep them healthy. Mulching can also be a great way to conserve soil moisture and to encourage new healthy growth in plants. Over time, the mulch will decompose and release nutrients into the soil, while also protecting the plant’s roots from sun and promoting water retention. Our Composted Mulch and Fine Fir Mulch are great options to layer on top of your potted plants.

Watch the Sun

You can find a great plant for almost any amount of sunlight, but first you have to know how much light those plants are actually getting. Before you choose your plants and add them to your container, place your pot in the location and time how much sun they will get. Then you can select the right plants for your container!

Start Small, Grow Big

Not ready to plant alot of containers all at once? One of our favourite benefits of the Just Mulch bag is that you can start with one or two containers and continue to use the bag of soil or mulch as needed. Plus you won’t have to have a big pile or soil or mulch on your driveway or in your yard, instead just a tidy bag tucked right where you want it!

Pick Good Plant Neighbors

This might be an obvious tip, but we know how enticing some plants can be when shopping! Choose plants that require the same amount of light and moisture levels. If you combine plants with different needs, some of them will not thrive. Group your plants with the same needs together and plant multiple containers if required! Who doesn’t want more plants?!

Change Carefully

Most plants don’t appreciate abrupt changes, but if you acclimate them over a period of time to changes in light, exposure to the elements, water or temperature, they are generally happier. This is particularly important with seedlings or young plants and is essential for plants that have spent their lives in a comfortable greenhouse environment.

Getting Started

Order your soil and mulch in convenient one yard bags so that you are ready to garden! Shop online 24/7 and pick a delivery date that works for you and we’ll deliver your one yard bags when and where you want them!

If you would like to learn more about what products to use in your container garden, feel free to contact the experts from Just Mulch or call us at 236-98-MULCH.