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Bulk Mulch vs Bag Mulch

Mulch | June 20, 2019

Understanding the right time to use bulk mulch vs bag mulch can help you determine which option will work best for your specific needs. At Just Mulch, we want to make your mulch buying experience as simple as possible. That is why we offer a selection of bark mulch products and delivery services.

When is Bulk Mulch the Better Option?

Homeowners who have a larger yard or garden space and are able to spread mulch in a timely manner can save money by purchasing bulk mulch; however, anyone who purchases mulch this way should be in relatively good shape and should own a shovel, wheelbarrow, and tarp.

When having bulk mulch delivered to your home, try to have the mulch delivered when there is no rain in the forecast. While it is beneficial to have your gardens well-watered before applying mulch, wet mulch can be much heavier and harder to deal with. It is also a good idea to consider spreading a tarp over any mulch that you have leftover to help protect it from the rain and dew.

When is Bag Mulch the Better Option?

While purchasing bag mulch may cost a little more than purchasing bulk mulch, bag mulch offers the convenience of only have to deal with one bag at time. This makes it the ideal option for homeowners who only require a small amount of mulch for their garden or want to purchase extra bag mulch and store it in a dry location.

Bag mulch is also the perfect option for people living in apartment buildings or townhomes, people dealing strictly with container gardens and windows boxes, and people with limited abilities to move larger quantities of mulch.

Mulch Products from Just Mulch

If you are looking for high-quality mulching products for your front yard and backyard gardens, the team of mulching experts from Just Mulch can help you select the best mulching product for your specific wants and needs. All of our bark mulch products can be delivered right to your home or workspace, making it easy for you to get as much or as little mulch as you need to get the job done.

If you would like to learn more about bulk mulch vs bag mulch, or if you are interested in one of our bark mulch products, please contact the mulching experts from Just Mulch today by calling 236-98-MULCH or by filling out a contact form on our website.