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Providing a safe and effective fundraising solution for your school or organization.

At Just Mulch, we understand how hard it can be to raise funds for your organization or school, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why we developed a simple, effective fundraising opportunity that takes nearly zero effort on the part of your organization, school, or PAC.

“We are over the moon about how much money we raised!!! I must say the daily updates really help to motivate me and the PAC team.”
~ Amy, PAC representative, Brentwood Elementary

Mulch & Soil Fundraiser Opportunity

How it works

To get started, simply reach out to the Just Mulch team and we will set up a coupon code for your specific school or organization. We will then put together a simple one-page Mulch & Soil Fundraiser PDF with all the details, so that you can distribute it along with a link to order via email to parents, employees, and anyone else who wants to participate.

Parents, grandparents, friends, and employees can then order mulch and soil through the Just Mulch website at their convenience and set up a delivery time that works with their schedule. Anyone who uses the coupon code will receive 10% off their order and 10% of the order will be donated to your school or organization.

Why fundraise with Just Mulch?

bark mulch delivery

Just Mulch is proud to provide a no touch, no transfer delivery solution, making it easy for anyone participating in your fundraiser to receive high-quality mulch and soil products delivered right to their door. Whether you run an organization or are a part of a school’s PAC, we can have your fundraiser up and running in less than a day and our team will manage everything for you.

Fundraiser organizers will also receive an automated, daily email from Just Mulch to show the fundraisers progress, including information about who has already placed an order and how much money has been raised to date.

Ready to get started? We would love to chat with you about setting up a mulch and soil fundraiser for your school or organization.

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