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Delivery Process

Delivering high-quality bark mulch products, when and where you need them.

Just Mulch can deliver high-quality bark mulch products to homeowners and companies from Vancouver to Chilliwack. All of our bark mulch products are completely natural and organic and are available in one-cubic-yard bags.

Ordering Bark Mulch Products

Ordering bark mulch products to be delivered at your home or business has never been easier. Simply choose the bark mulch or garden soil that you would like to order and how many cubic-yard bags you will need to complete your landscaping project. If you are uncertain about how many bags you need to order, our easy-to-use mulch calculator can help ensure that you are ordering just the right amount. Our professional team is also available to help, if you have any questions.

Marking the Delivery Spot

Once you have placed your bark mulch order, our team will process your request and setup a delivery time. On the day of the delivery, make sure to mark the spot that you want to receive the bags of bark mulch with an "X". The "X" can be marked using two garden tools or sticks in the shape of the letter "X". Alternatively, you can also mark the desired delivery location with a flag, chalk, or a note. The best delivery locations to mark tend to be driveways, alleys, or boulevards, as they provide enough space and a sturdy surface.

Delivering Your Order

On the day of delivery, you can go about your normal routine. As long as you have clearly marked the spot where you would like your order to be dropped off, you do not even have to be present at the time of the delivery. Most of our products are available with next day delivery, so you will never have to wait long for your purchase to arrive.