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We deliver to residential and commercial sites.

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Landscaping Mulch and Soil Delivery in Maple Ridge

Our one-yard bags of mulch are delivered right to your project.

Are you looking to create a new garden space in your yard? Do you need large quantities of mulch and soil for a complex commercial landscaping project? Just Mulch has you covered with a complete selection of bark mulch and soil products for all types of environments. We are proud to offer full mulch and soil delivery services in Maple Ridge, allowing you to get the products you need as soon as possible. To learn more about our selection of mulch and soil products, reach out to the Just Mulch team. We will work with you to understand your exact needs and provide the perfect solution.

Which Type of Mulch is Best for my Garden in Maple Ridge?

Our soil and mulch experts will work with you to help you select the perfect products for your Maple Ridge garden.

We are proud to offer a selection of bark mulch and soil products that are made from all-natural and organic materials without the use of dyes or chemicals. Each product is formulated to help stimulate healthy plant growth and ensure that all plants receive an ideal level of minerals and nutrients. To ensure optimal garden health in Maple Ridge, look no further than our mulch and soil products.

Just Mulch is a proud provider of natural soil products and offers complete delivery services to all customers living in Maple Ridge. We are proud to deliver to the following neighbourhoods within Maple Ridge:

  • Kanaka
  • Albion
  • Port Hammond
  • Port Haney
  • Ruskin
  • Silver Valley
  • Thornhill
  • Whonnock
  • Yennadon
  • Maple Ridge Town Centre

If you want the best possible results for your landscaping or gardening project in Maple Ridge, Just Mulch can help. Reach out to our soil and mulch experts today to see how we can help your garden flourish or support your landscaping project.

Fir Mulch - Fine, Red / Brown Best Uses:

  • Fine gardening
  • Leveling
  • Evening out more visible areas

Fir Mulch - Medium, Red / Brown Best Uses:

  • General beautification
  • Filler
  • Around trees and larger plants
  • Coarser gardening

Composted Mulch - Fine, Black Best Uses:

  • Gardening
  • Providing nutrients to plants

Organic Garden Soil Best Uses:

  • Growing plants
  • Surrounding roots
  • Filling flowerbeds
  • Filling vegetable gardens