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About Us

Providing environmentally friendly and reliable products from Vancouver to Chilliwack.

Just Mulch is proud to provide customers living from Vancouver to Chilliwack with clean, easy delivery of high-quality bark mulch for the beautification of yards. For every bag of bark mulch purchased, we also plant a tree with Tree Canada in order to increase the sustainability and overall health of planet Earth.

We Plant With

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Tree Canada

Tree Canada is dedicated to improving the lives of Canadians by planting and nurturing trees, bolstering Canada’s urban forests, while teaching about the value of trees, and inspiring people to participate in, and advocate for, community greening.

Our Values


We remain true to our roots by providing customers from Vancouver to Chilliwack with completely natural and organic bark mulch and garden soil products.


At Just Mulch, we are committed to supporting one another with respect and trust by remaining openminded to the ideas and thoughts of others. By relying on teamwork, we are able to focus more time and energy into accommodating and understanding our customers, coworkers, and suppliers.


By listening to people without judgement and asking for feedback on our work, we are able to turn negatives into positives. We take the time to praise and pray for each other, as the only thing we desire is goodness and blessing for one another.


As a forward-thinking company, we work to build capacity in people and equipment by hiring and purchasing at the right time. We also ensure that we respect the work/life balance of each individual in order to provide a great work environment.


By making informed changes with measured risks for the benefit of the company, we are able to remain trusting, openminded, and ready to learn, as well as willing to take risks while still being able to admit when we are wrong.

Helping the Homeowner

All of our products are completely natural and organic and are delivered right to your home, so you can rest assured that you are receiving the best products for your garden when you need it most.

The Just Mulch Advantage

At Just Mulch, we tailor our delivery services to the needs of the average homeowner by providing next day delivery on most purchases. While other landscape supply companies offer a greater range of products, we spend more time focusing on doing what we do well. This means that all of our bark mulch products are made of completely natural and organic materials without the use of harsh dyes and chemicals, so you can rest assured that you are providing your garden with the optimal level of nutrients, minerals, and soil texture possible.